December 25, 2019 - Closing out a fairly light photography year: A visit to the western tip of Bali was rewarded with unique landscapes and underwater views (all shot, and geotagged, with the very cool little Olympus TG-5). A triplet of Singapore triptychs. A variety of miscellaneous shots from 2019, all oddly from England. And finally, a few more added to my Cars in Place series.

June 9, 2019 - An update for the past two years: A few days on a boat in the Maldives was a welcome escape. I had the privilege of attending the 100th annual Crow Fair in Montana - an amazing gathering of multiple Native American tribes. I had a bit of time in Singapore and Tokyo as well. Finally, as usual, a few assorted shots that didn't fit in elsewhere from 2017 and 2018.

May 13, 2017 - Took a little retreat to the northern Spanish town of San Sebastian and the surrounding area, including a meal at nearby Azurmendi.

February 25, 2017 - Last month an extended trip to Asia took me to a brief overnight in Hong Kong, a relaxing snorkeling trip to Panglao Island in the Philippines, and some time in Singapore (including an anniversary dinner at Restaurant Andre) around Chinese New Year.

December 18, 2016 - A final update for 2016 with a small gallery of assorted shots that didn't fit in elsewhere. I also updated various "Selected Works" galleries of my best work for 2015 and 2016 – with Taiwan probably getting the most significant contributions from my visit to the beautiful city of Tainan.

September 15, 2016 - Up the coast a little way from Seattle is Lummi Island, a very pretty place that is also inhabited by the incredible restaurant at Willows Inn.

August 7, 2016 - I got a little time to myself to walk around lovely Dresden, as well as nearby German-watchmaking-mecca Glashütte.

July 10, 2016 - A visit to Montréal made a nice escape from Texas heat. Great French-style eating there too.

June 14, 2016 - I went to the official opening festival of some impressive hand-carved gates replicating elements of Angkor Wat at the Dallas Cambodian Buddhist Temple.

May 22, 2016 - An extended vacation in Asia took me to Taiwan's historical city of Tainan and its many temples and interesting people (and a lot of great eating). Then in Hsinchu I spent some time around the city's old Cheng Huang Temple and more. And finally a week in Singapore included a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the equally, if differently, fantastical Gardens By the Bay.

May 15, 2016 - A quick trip to San Francisco featured incredibly fine dining at Benu. And visiting Atlanta included many wonderful things, including some hiking around Stone Mountain.

January 1, 2016 - Closing things out for the year, I've added a few miscellaneous shots from 2015 that I like that didn't make it into other galleries.

December 17, 2015 - Recently I've been shooting whenever I can with a prototype of a lens that myself and a couple of others have developed for our start-up company Modula Optical. A couple of recent sets include a pleasant day at the Dallas Arboretum including the very cool Children's Garden, and some assorted shots from a visit to a friend in New Orleans.

October 18, 2015 - The 2015 Aurora festival in downtown Dallas was a good time, and fun for shooting with a prototype prime lens. More good times the following evening at Dallas favorite Boulevardier.

September 2, 2015 - Vancouver is a city of surprising beauty. The eats are good too.

August 30, 2015 - I had the fantastic luck to be in Kyoto during the peak of cherry blossom season, and also had some of the best food of my life there, including two incredible kaiseki meals at Kikunoi Roan and Giro Giro.

August 14, 2015 - A few shots of Singapore locations and favorite foods

August 13, 2015 - I've now moved my webpage and updated it with a fresh new design. Since I'm now using Smugmug to host, I can now offer prints of my images through Smugmug's printing service as well.At the same time I've started a long-overdue catching up on uploading photos. The rest of 2014 is now here including San Francisco, a pair of nice meals in Seattle, some fascinating machines at the Deutsches Museum in Munich, a day trip into the German alps at Schliersee, and a few miscellaneous images from the year. I'll be catching up with 2015 as well soon.

Updates below are from previous versions of the website, preserved for continuity's sake:

06.29.14 - a quiet day on a couple of beaches near santa barbara

06.15.14 - some travel to the coasts, with los angeles' mount wilson and old downtown, then (with my new fuji x-t1 camera) new york city's met and the area around 25th street

05.08.14 - i finally got out to chino for this year's planes of fame air show

01.04.14 - just missed getting some assorited extra photos from 2013 up before the new year

10.08.13 - recently i have: - hiked a bit around near portland - saw the old and the new of osaka - walked through the nature area of shousenkyo near tokyo - went to a small but intimate WWII commemorative air force show near dallas

08.15.13 - mostly for the fun, I put together a proposal for putting simulated projection windows in elon musk's hyperloop concept

08.13.13 - penghu island off the coast of taiwan, taiwan's yearly lantern festival, and a few assorted extras from 2012

06.13.13 - added a couple of work items to the product section that aren't really secret anymore

03.19.13 - quite a bit has happened in the last year, including: - a chicago trip full of food, including charlie trotters, el ideas, and next's el bulli menu - the top-notch US air force museum in dayton, ohio - the popular dragon boat festival, this one in taipei - singapore's newly-opened and technically impressive gardens by the bay botanical garden - taiwan's yangmingshan nature park area, with a beautiful vegetarian meal at spring green kitchen - a weekend in suzhou - back again to next in chicago for their kaiseki menu - a few scenes from chinese new year week around hsinchu, taiwan's cheng huang miao temple - a concrete rainbow village painted by a taiwanese vet in taichung - tokyo's famous sensoji temple - a weekend doing a bit of hiking and flying-squirrel watching at tsukuikoshiroyama, near tokyo and yokohama

03.28.12 - big update from a few trips to asia: - a few from around singapore, and in particular some singaporean food - from taiwan, taipei at night and nearby beitou hot springs, the stunning taroko gorge and nearby hualien, and some assorted taiwanese food - in the kyoto, japan area is arashiyama in the fall and a small yuba-specializing restaurant called komameya - the 2011 tokyo motor show - a few from toyota's auto museum at their r&d headquarters

11.06.11 - breaking my typical summer lull to post great food in napa, other great food at london's st. john, and great cars at the frankfurt auto show

04.02.11 - a few panoramic views of osaka, coincidentally a couple days before the earthquake - also, I almost forgot about pictures of food in spain and portugal: el txofre, la muralla, cinq sentits, tapac24, and miscellaneous others

02.13.11 - all cars so far this year, visiting the bmw museum and mb museum in germany

01.16.11 - my first time visiting the detroit auto show

12.30.10 - the weather in dallas happened to be warm and clear for the total lunar eclipse the other night

12.18.10 - a brief trip to the porsche museum, and later a day in kamakura, japan near tokyo

11.17.10 - quite a lot of things seen in barcelona, san sebastian, lisbon, sintra, and my favorite madrid 08.13.10 - a few assorted things from london

08.04.10 - brought my new camera to the olympic peninsula in washington

05.02.10 - i got caught in frankfurt when the volcano went off, and headed for madrid, stopping in sete along the way

03.11.10 - cars today. a loved and used datsun 2000 and my new cayman

02.12.10 - i can hardly believe it's snowed this much in dallas

01.30.10 - i got back to japan, including a nice dinner at ku-u in shinjuku

12.15.09 - some pretty good stuff showing at the la auto show this year

11.02.09 - i had the unexpected opportunity to get to the porsche museum near stuttgart (and saw a few other cars while in the area)

10.05.09 - also added some pictures from a local autocross and a couple things to my miscellaneous car photos

09.30.09 - another mass update, although this time all taken from one trip to asia: - while in singapore, we went out one night to get one of my favorite foods, durian - then starting in japan, some unique tokyo building fronts - and things seen in tokyo on the streets - a number of loud and entertaining bon odori street parades in tokyo - leaving the city, the beautiful nikko national park - also in nikko, a hike through the senjogahara plateau - a few shots on the way further north to sendai - near sendai, the coastal town of matsushima - returning south to a rural suburb of tokyo, the toro nagashi festival in nagatoro - and finally, a few nice bowls of noodles and a couple cakes in japan

07.14.09 - a mass update today, with the intention to keep up better: - a fine ratatouille made by my brother-in-law - details from my corvair - some opportunistic shots of eating in new york city - similar shots from the other end of the continent, eating in san francisco - views on an unusually clear day from san francisco's twin peaks (including a very large panorama) - taipei, primarily its fascinating and noisy shihlin night market - some particular foods in taipei - a scattering of pictures from denmark and germany - an evening at seattle's amazing art of the table restaurant - assorted general pictures of seattle - seattle's unique central library (inlcuding a very large vertical panorama) - finally, some cars found in various places that I imagine I'll add to later

02.07.09 - apparently I had a few of my photos from odaiba published in swedish travel magazine naer & fjaerran (2nd page, bottom) - also I did a banner for a friend's blog carp without cars that I'm pretty happy with

02.02.09 - shortly after the perigee moon, i saw this strange lunar rainbow

12.25.08 - the skies cleared up enough yesterday for a fine texas sunset

11.01.08 - almost forgot about the meal we ate in seattle at the herbfarm

10.28.08 - a variety of subjects from interesting places in the UK: - victorian britain and the following machine age produced some wonderful steam engines, locomotives, and other technologies - all this technology also featured a lot of great logotype work - as a sort of british coda to my previous air museum stuff, i saw an avro shackleton - lastly, a few bits of the ancient city of york

10.16.08 - almost forgot a few shots of seattle's pike place market and some older ones of the photogenic mormon temple near san diego

10.08.08 - seattle's museum of flight has some historic machines, notably the legendary (and beautiful) blackbird

07.30.08 - a neighborhood in west LA has come to be called the latino byzantine quarter

03.09.08 - shinjuku, tokyo from low and high, in diptych combinations

02.05.08 - my new wood and glass bed is finally complete

01.27.08 - i ran across this beautiful mid-60s Oldsmobile Dynamic 88 in a parking lot the other day

01.24.08 - it wasn't what i planned to do, but i wandered around near an overpass on a cold day with a shockingly blank blue sky

01.20.08 - i managed to obtain a set of futurist Syd Mead prints from the late 60s that I thought I'd share, since they aren't readily available anywhere

01.12.08 - another consumer electronics show, more cars photographed

12.23.07 - a number of new things: - much of my last 3 years (including most of my travel) has been spent on the design and engineering of my slim DLP TV concept - also a couple of other products: an audio shelf and a suitcase concept - we did a little tasting of chocolates from Theo in seattle - oh, and i inverted the website's color for variety's sake

12.21.07 - inspired by the cool post-war modernist style, i did a faux ad for a real watch from nixon - i also uploaded some old faux drink ads i did way back

10.31.07 - i made a couple of alternate dock looks for mac os x leopard

09.08.07 - i've been lazy with my updates, so here are a number of new things: - folowing singapore, i spent a week in bali which was pretty amazing - a few shots from jena, shot at and around the hotel esplanade - a trip to chicago included the taste of chicago, culinary experience alinea, the aquarium, and a good bit of architecture - the imperial war museum of london has some interesting items from the 19th and 20th centuries of warfare - while in berlin, i happened across a gathering of classic autos that i thought were gorgeous

02.21.07 - a visit to the singapore botanical garden at the start of my vacation

12.10.06 - a handful of proud photos of my 1961 chevrolet corvair

12.08.06 - a few older automotive shots i hadn't uploaded before, and updated versions of a few others

12.02.06 - i haven't been shooting much, but cleaning up some old photos, i've added some extras from 2006 and shots from a local speed shop

08.20.06 - while in san diego for the weekend, i took a few shots at the zoo

08.16.06 - london feels like it's still the capital of the civilised world

07.01.06 - webpage is working again, so i have a number of updates: - i think chicago is one of the most purposefully beautiful cities in the world, particularly in its gallery of highrise architecture - the old section of berlin is being transformed into a (neo) classically stunning museum district - the town of jena in former east germany is the birthplace of modern optics - just a couple macro shots from my back yard - on a flight out of osaka, there were some pretty eerie high altitude clouds - a few shots playing around with wide and telephoto shots of a view of hsinchu

06.05.06 - this might be a good time to mention my duplicate gallery on

06.05.06 - apparently i was in napa and san francisco for the two beautiful days in the midst of a lot of storming

06.05.06 - i did a little driving between portland and sisters, oregon

03.13.06 - finished converting all my older photo galleries to use apache::gallery, which i like quite a bit

03.12.06 - february, the maritime museum in san diego featuring the star of india, the hms surprise, and a soviet b-39 submarine

03.12.06 - later that month, castles and shrines in nara and osaka, the island of miyajima near hiroshima, and a little kyoto

03.12.06 - january, the consumer electronics show where they also have a lot of shiny cars

03.12.06 - also tokyo and the exhibition island of odaiba, and the megaweb auto museum there

03.12.06 - catching up from a lot of travel the last few months, november in seoul

10.12.05 - a few from little india, also in singapore

10.11.05 - the parkview square building in singapore is a deco fever dream

10.04.05 - hong kong is a marvel, down to the neon-lit fish market

10.03.05 - a couple days spent in taipei were pretty interesting

07.11.05 - i went to a family reunion near estes park in colorado

06.14.05 - some more from shanghai: walking around the city, yu yuan garden, and in and around the oriental pearl tower

04.17.05 - a bunch from china (shenzhen, shanghai, the shanghai market) taken with my new canon 350d

04.17.05 - some photos of osaka and narita, japan

12.05.04 - over the last few months, i've been to the zoo again, japan, philadelphia, and the nasher sculpture garden

05.01.04 - some pretty neat looking nagra hi-fi pieces

03.16.04 - wow, sometimes i just get lucky: cloud waves

01.18.03 - i suppose it's a little ambitious to think anybody is linking to me, but if so i've now moved from to

12.15.03 - i really like my new honda s2000

12.11.03 - getting through some backlog: some overpasses and a trip to santa cruz island off the los angeles coast

06.09.03 - a few new logos

06.07.03 - new page design (with much cleaner html/css code)

04.22.03 - for lack of a better theme, here are some photos

03.18.03 - a tree, some strange dallas snow, a horn, and a mazda rx-4 i'd forgotten

12.29.02 - just in time for the new year, some old (hair, lizard) and some new (high5 construction at night, the meyerson)

11.20.02 - added a couple more interesting sky shots to that last section.

11.12.02 - skies like this are a reason to like texas

10.02.02 - the blue ridge parkway is really amazing

09.16.02 - welcome to fine HiFi

09.06.02 - looked around the dallas high5 construction area and a building nearby (whoa, almost a year since last update... i'll get through some backlog photos soon)

09.09.01 - the dallas zoo is neat

05.21.01 - been lazy, but i caught a distant storm (another on the 24th)

03.13.01 - ran outside and caught an austin lightning storm

03.06.01 - some automotive photos in 2001_03

02.20.01 - new photos in 2001_02

01.11.01 - new photos in 2000_12_motel and 2001_01

01.10.01 - yet another site redesign!

10.11.00 - new photos in 2000_09 and 2000_10

08.30.00 - new photos in 2000_08

07.18.00 - eliminated frames-based design

07.13.00 - new photos in 2000_01-07

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