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About Me

I am a Dallas-based mechanical engineer, but have been absorbed by photography since I can remember.  The two activities are very similar in my mind:  elegant engineering and photography are both comprised of an interesting combination of both creation and exclusion in order to distill possibilities into specific intent.

Currently I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T1 and a variety of lenses, mostly primes. In addition to the quality you get from a well-designed prime, I find that the best thing for creativity is to introduce a few constraints.

I tend to tag my photos pretty aggressively with camera/lens metadata, content tags, and geotags -- so take a look at the info on individual photos if you want to know more about how and where it was taken.  I post-process mostly in Adobe Lightroom these days, although sometimes pushing images out to the excellent PTGui utility for some of the more difficult stitched panoramas.

If you're a flickr user, I have an account over there which carries largely the same images as this website (although without any options for printing, etc.). Comments are always welcome over there.

Usage of Photos

While I maintain all rights on my photos here, I'm generally very supportive of the public domain and easy usage of artistic works.  My main reason for maintaining a strict copyright is to allow me to fight bulk automated appropriation of electronic images by unscrupulous aggregators.  However, if you would like to use my images in some way -- whether just as a desktop background, or in a commercial capacity -- just click the "contact" link and send me a message about what you have in mind.  I love hearing from people who enjoy my work and want to use it.

Purchasing Prints

My images are hosted here with SmugMug who provides a nice easy connection to EZPrints for those who want to purchase prints of various kinds.  I'm not personally involved in fulfilling those orders or making those prints, but I have reviewed some example prints of my photos from EZPrints and I've been happy with the results -- I hope you will be as well.

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