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About Me

I am a Dallas-based engineer, and I have been drawn to making pictures since I can remember.  

Currently I shoot with a Fujifilm X-T4 and a variety of lenses, mostly primes.

I tend to tag my photos pretty aggressively with camera/lens metadata, content tags, and geotags -- so take a look at the info on individual photos if you want to know more about how and where it was taken.  I post-process mostly in Adobe Lightroom.

Usage of Photos

While I maintain all rights on my photos here, I'm generally very supportive of the public domain and easy usage of artistic works.  My main reason for maintaining a strict copyright is to allow me to fight bulk automated appropriation of electronic images by unscrupulous aggregators.  However, if you would like to use my images in some way -- whether just as a desktop background, or in a commercial capacity -- just click the "contact" link and send me a message about what you have in mind.  I love hearing from people who enjoy my work and want to use it.

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